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Frequently Asked Questions

I am working on a tight budget, where would my money be best spent?

To get the most bang for your buck, a kitchen and bath remodel would be best.  Kitchen and bath remodels provide the best return when selling you home.  Also, the kitchen is generally the area of your home where you will spend the most time, whether cooking or entertaining.

Can I add a bathroom in a place that has no existing plumbing?

Yes, there are many ways to run piping through a house. Each individual circumstance is different and depending on where the plumbing is needed and how much water pressure or flow will depend on where pipe should be placed.

Ceilings, floors, walls, even outside piping can be ran. Again, every circumstance is different and we can take an innovative approach to create a solution that fits both your project and budget.

Can I put a sink in my garage even though I have no water running there?

Everything is of course possible; however, at times the cost of running pipe and installing a drain can outweigh the end result. We have been known to come up with creative solutions to meet the needs of the client. Hand wash stations can be installed at cost much less than running pipe and serve the same purpose while saving money.

If you are curious about how this can be done in your garage, call us today to schedule a free consultation.

Can I fix a leaky faucet myself?

Sure, you could fix a leaky faucet yourself, but there are many things that should be considered when doing so.  In many cases, the faucet is in fact not the part that is causing the leak, but is rather the pipe, a faucet screw, bushing, gasket, an o-ring, or otherwise.

Only a professional will know for sure.  Contact us today.

Are “Box Store” products the same as what you would sell to me?

Yes and No.  While a box store faucet or fixture may itself may be the same, generally they lack all the necessary hardware to install them properly.

Additionally, a store bought product does not come with the service guarantee that we provide with our faucets and fixtures.  During this warranty period, you will not be charged for a service call to repair a product that we have sold or installed.

Why shouldn’t I just do the work myself?

We do a lot of work in Hospitals but we have still yet to perform open heart surgery.

You may have many talents and you probably could do a lot of things yourself, but we are professionals and this is what we do.  We will be able to complete the work more efficiently in terms of both cost and time and provide a better overall quality of workmanship.

By not knowing the proper steps to complete a project, do-it-yourselfers can cause more damage than good, buy too many supplies or the wrong supplies, or damage things along the way that cause the project to cost more than having a professional do it properly.  Contact us today.