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Residential Softeners

Sterling manufactures a wide range of water softeners, from the most basic semi-automatic unit that requires no electricity to the most advanced fully programmable model that exists. Various types include: non-electric, mechanical time clock, mechanical meter initiated, electronic meter, and twin tank alternating systems.

Residential Filters

Extremely difficult water problems can be corrected with the wide range of filters manufactured by Sterling. If your problem is: acid water, high iron, arsenic, nitrates, sulfates, manganese, rotten egg odor, sediment, or chlorine Sterling has the filter to handle the job. Filter systems are available in sizes that meet the flow rate needed, no matter how big the demand. Most systems do not require a chemical regenerant and use a very limited amount of water to clean the filter media.

Drinking Water Systems

To meet consumer demand for high quality drinking water Sterling manufactures several reverse osmosis systems and a chemical reduction unit. Most contaminants (lead, chromium, arsenic, nitrates, barium, sodium, volatile organics, cysts, viruses, etc.) can be removed or reduced with a Sterling Drinking Water System.

Cartridge Filters and Housings

Nearly every conceivable filter and housing is in the Sterling line. String wound, pleated, poly-bonded, grooved poly-bonded, granular carbon, carbon block; even ceramic cartridges are available in various diameters and lengths. Point-of-use and point-of-entry filter housings for hot and cold water fit the need for residential and commercial filtration. Most housings are supplied in a four color box with a wrench. Under the sink housings also have a mounting bracket. In-line refrigerator filters round out the offering.

Commercial Systems

Whether it is Sea World, Holiday Inn, McDonalds, or the local hospital, Sterling makes a water treatment system to meet the flow rate and water quality requirements. Large water softeners, iron filters, reverse osmosis units, sediment and carbon filters are “off the shelf” items. Filters feature filtered water backwash for superior performance. Water softeners utilize fully programmable electronic controls to minimize salt and water consumption.

New HE resin saves 33% of the salt cost which adds up to substantial savings over the life of a commercial softener. Double and triple pass reverse osmosis systems provide superior quality water with far less waste to drain. Patent applied for technology provides iron removal systems without air compressors, in-line venturi, air release valves, or chemical regenerants.


Various chemicals, parts, accessories are available. Resin cleaners, rust remover, potassium permanganate, drain tubing, commercial and residential control valve parts, sweat jackets, etc. are all priced right and of great quality.