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Do Pressure Washers Use Too Much Water?

Fewer things are as oddly satisfying as comparing the before and after images of using a pressure washer. Pressure washers, also known as power washers, utilize a powered motor that powers a water pump, and that pump speeds up the water to create a...

How much water does a pressure washer use?

Collecting and Reusing Rainwater

There have been many attempts over the past couple years to make a push into using less water. Sometimes it can be difficult, especially if you have a larger household. But no matter how often you run the dishwasher, how many loads of laundry go into...

You can save water by reusing rainwater.

Cleaning a Dirty Dishwasher

Do you know how to clean a dirty dishwasher? No, it doesn't clean itself. Like any appliance, if there's too much neglect it will fail.

Learn how to clean a dirty dishwasher with Kellermeier Plumbing. A woman removes the catch trap of a dirty dishwasher.