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PFAS Health Effects

PFAS health effects also include interference with the body’s natural hormones, an increased level of cholesterol, and an increased risk of cancer.
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PFAS Health Effects may not have immediate effect like bad taste, but they can develop more serious bodily issues over exposure.

PFAS: PFOA and PFOS Compounds

PFOA and PFOS were popular compounds among manufacturing and industrial facilities, widely used for their capacity to deter water and grease.
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PFOA and PFOS were popular compounds found near Michigan river waters and creeks near manufacturing facilities.

PFAS: Taking Action

In 2017, Michigan created the PFAS Action Response Team as a temporary body to investigate sources and locations of PFAS in the state.
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Michigan has taken a magnifying glass to its water over the last few years in response to the PFAS outbreak.

PFAS: What You Need to Know

There are roughly 60 confirmed PFAS Michigan sites, but the Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes and Energy suspects over 10,000 potential sites.
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PFAS Michigan exposure reached numerous Southwestern Michigan counties