Spring Has Sprung, So Make Sure Your Pipes Haven’t!

March always means the start of spring weather in West Michigan. Warmer-than-average temperatures in West Michigan bring about rainy conditions that can stress your home’s plumbing and drainage systems. As they say, in like a lion out like a lamb, and this...

5 Signs That Water Heater Failure is Imminent

Hot morning showers are one of the greatest conveniences of living in the 21st century. You don’t even have to open your eyes. Your water heater is a marvel of modern manufacturing, but its lifetime is limited. But what happens if you experience water heater failure?

Thanksgiving Do’s and Don’ts

Don’t let your Thanksgiving Dinner turn into a Disaster! Here is a list of Down the Drain Do’s and Don’ts Do use cold water when running your disposal. Do add a few drops of dish soap to your disposal each time it runs. Do run your disposal on a regular basis to avoid...

Snaking Works Better Than Chemicals

When you’re afraid to flush, it’s time to completely flush out your system with Kellermeier Plumbing’s Hydro Jetting Drain Cleaning.