Not all water damage is from dripping faucets or leaking pipes. Much of it can come from the area around these fixtures and the different materials in the bathroom. To better prevent water damage in your bathroom, it’s important to learn how caulking the bathroom the right way can ease plenty of future headaches.

Water will find a way through all gaps, and we find many of those gaps along joints, or the transitions between materials or surfaces. Such areas include the seams of a tub or shower, along the walls of the tub, the flooring that meets the tub, the backsplash of the vanity, and around faucets or shower heads.

Like many home appliances or fixtures, maintenance is almost always less expensive than making repairs. Water damage especially, because most of the time you can be unaware of the problem.

Before applying the new caulk, you will need to remove the old caulk. You can do this with caulk softener and a utility knife. Allow the softener to soak into the old caulk for a few hours, then score along the joint with your knife. Then scrape away the waste with a putty knife, but do so carefully so you do not scratch the surfaces. Clean up the debris and vacuum up the waste so that the area is prepared for the new caulk.

Caulk is a non-porous and flexible material, and the best type of caulk for your bathroom is a specially formulated silicone caulk. This caulk is waterproof, shrink-proof, crack-proof, flexible, and permanent. 

Prepare the tube of caulk in a caulk gun, and have plenty of paper towel or rags available, and a small pail of water. After applying a roughly ⅛-inch bead of caulk along the seam, you can use a wet finger or caulk applicator to smooth it out. Finding the right touch won’t come right away, but when you find the rhythm, you can complete this project without many errors. Most caulks will set between 1-3 hours, but you may wish to wait 24 hours before running the shower or bath. 

Proper caulk technique will help prevent the worst potential water damage in your bathroom. Spending the time and money filling the seams will save you on the extra time and money required to repair the worst water damage. For help with caulking your bathroom, call Kellermeier Plumbing at 616-866-5134. At Kellermeier Plumbing, we pride ourselves on being honest and upfront with our customers and strive to provide our clients with the highest level of service.