The better option for removing clogs and cleaning your pipes is Kellermeier Plumbing’s hydro jetting drain cleaning. Using state of the art equipment and flexible hoses, Kellermeier Plumbing’s expert technicians will shoot highly pressurized water through your pipes.

During the cleaning process, forward and reverse jets direct the powerful cleansing water to break through even the toughest blockages. Pressure washing the inside of the pipes, hydro jetting drain cleaning penetrates and emulsifies grease, breaks up sludge, pulverizes debris, crushes tree and shrub roots, and even washes out pipe scaling.

Because your pipes are made to handle water flowing through them, high-pressure water jetting is the most efficient, economical, and environmentally safe way to clean your pipes.

We wash dishes, shower and bathe, brush our teeth, and use the restroom every day without ever giving a thought to our plumbing.

Underneath our houses, sanitary branch lines flow from the restrooms into a large drain pipe, the main line. Kitchen lines from sinks and dishwashers generally flow through a grease trap before they also feed into the main line. Food particles and grease create sludge.

Sludge and paper products build up slowly in your pipes. And one day, a clog forms.