Michigan Plumbing Frequently Asked Questions

I am working on a tight budget, where would my money be best spent?

A kitchen and bath remodeling project is the best way to get the most bang for your buck. All Michigan plumbing projects that improve the circulation of hot and cold water improve the quality of your home, however, kitchen and bathroom remodels provide the best return when selling your home. Also, the kitchen is the area of your home where you will spend the most time, whether cooking or entertaining.

Can I add a bathroom in a place that has no existing plumbing?

Yes, there are many ways to run piping through a house. Each circumstance is different and depending on where the plumbing is needed and how much water pressure or flow will depend on where pipe should be.

Plumbing can run through ceilings, floors, walls and even outside piping. Again, every circumstance is different, and we can take an innovative approach to create a solution that fits both your project and budget.

Can I put a sink in my garage even though I have no water running there?

Everything is, of course, possible; however, at times the cost of running pipe and installing a drain can outweigh the result. We have been known to come up with creative solutions to meet the needs of the client. You can install hand wash stations at a cost much less than running pipe and serve the same purpose while saving money.

If you are curious this type of garage installation, call us today to schedule a free consultation.

Can I fix a leaky faucet myself?

Sure, you could fix a leaky faucet yourself, but consider many things when doing so. In many cases, the faucet is in fact not the part that is causing the leak but is instead the pipe, a faucet screw, bushing, gasket, an o-ring, or otherwise.

Only a professional will know for sure. Contact us today.

Are 'Box Store' products the same as what you would sell to me?

Yes, and No. While a box store faucet or fixture may itself may be the same, they lack all the necessary hardware to install them correctly.

Additionally, a store bought product does not come with the Michigan plumbing service guarantee that we provide with our faucets and fixtures. During this warranty period, you will not be charged for a service call to repair a product that we have sold or installed.

Why shouldn’t I just do the work myself?

Michigan plumbing projects take us to places like hospitals, but we have still yet to perform open heart surgery.

You may have many talents, and you probably could do a lot of things yourself, but we are professionals and this is what we do. We will be able to complete the work more efficiently regarding both cost and time and provide a better overall quality of craft.

By not knowing the proper steps to complete a project, do-it-yourselfers can cause more damage than good than certified and well-educated Michigan plumbing professionals. Too often we see people buy too many supplies, or the wrong supplies and damage things along the way that cause the project to cost more than having a professional do it correctly. Contact us today.

What Our Customers Think

I have used Kellermeier Pluming multiple times and have had nothing but professional and great service. After my water softener and iron filter was installed, I had another small issue, that I’m not sure if it was related or not. Blaine took care of it regardless – Awesome service! I wouldn’t hesitate to refer Kellermeier or use them again!
Tani M.
We have used Kellermeier Plumbing on multiple occasions from replacing our sump pump (during a flood after our old pump failed) to fixing a repair job that I tried to do myself and later learned I should have simply called the professionals at Kellermeier Plumbing.
Angie's List Reviewer
Each time we've dealt with Kellermeier Plumbing and their team we've had a positive experience. They are professional, courteous and fair. I'd welcome Kellermeier Plumbing in my house to fix or install anything plumbing related. They are knowledgable, provide sound and valuable advice and have treated us fairly every time. Highly recommended! 
Angie's List Reviewer
This was the first time I've used Mr. Kellermeier's services, but I will definitely call him with my next problem. He was professional in all respects. He examined different problems identified by the home inspector and recommended simple fixes or doing nothing (concluding that the problems were not significant and would not worsen). He left without recommending any repairs or replacements. My experience lived up to the recommendation from a friend.
Angie's List Reviewer
Kellermeier did a fantastic job!  They were able to solve a slow drain issue that 3 other companies were unable to solve.  I will always reach out to Kellermeier in the future. 
Angie's List Reviewer
Excellent. Very professional, knowledgeable, and friendly. They very clearly explained what needed to be done and even caught an issue with our outdoor water spicket that could have caused a serious problem in our basement. I would not hesitate to use them for all our plumbing needs. I gave them an A on price though I have nothing to compare it to since I did not get other estimates. However, their prices seemed fair to me given the excellent professional service.
Angie's List Reviewer
After I tried, unsuccessfully, to repair a plumbing issue at the house Kellermeier Plumbing came out, fixed it correctly and made everyone in the family happy. Thank you for the great service.
Jonathan M.
Contacted Kellermeier when we didn't hear back from a different plumber with a problem under our kitchen sink - that we had done ourselves during a remodel. Appreciated the workmanship, the communication and the knowledge of our plumber, Ken. Now our kitchen drain and piping works so well, we have a little whirlpool when the sink drains! Thank you.
Cindy P.
Great service fast and friendly. Answered all my questions. Definitely recommend.
Jake W.
I have always had great experiences with them. They are professional and thorough.
Shawn B.
Absolutely excellent. Friendly, conscientious, polite, and most importantly, fantastic workmanship. Not the cheapest, but worth every penny. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this company.
Laura R.
I've used them multiple times. Always excellent work & great customer service. Highly recommend.
Ursula R.
Great experience with Kellermeier. The dispatcher worked with me to set up an appointment time and the tech called when he was on his way. Even when he ran into additional issues he called in to make sure the repair would be covered by my home warranty before he completed them.
Tricia S.
My toilet had a slight leak from the bottom of it when flushed. I contacted Kellermeier via their website at 9pm. I didn't expect to hear back from them that evening but to my surprise, they emailed me back right away. They confirmed that they would be contacting me first thing the following morning, to which they did. They came out to my home that day and I was very pleased with their employee they sent out. Don (plumber) was a very personable guy and answered any questions I had along the way as he was making the necessary repair. I was very pleased with my experience with Kellermeier and cannot say enough positive things about their employee Don!
Cory M.
I called Kellemeier at 7:15am on a Monday morning because we had or water shut off since Sunday afternoon due to a leak in our well bladder.  They answered the phone right away and said they could take care of me today.  By 8:30 am I had my visit in Cedar Springs. They got the new bladder as well as several other items we needed to get our system up to code.  By 2pm water was back on!!! Very impressed with the professionalism and friendliness of everyone at Kellermeier. Thank you for saving the day!
JoLane T.
We've had Kellermeier at our home twice since we moved in 2014. We found them to be very friendly and have a ton of expertise. Our house has been a bit of a lemon so no doubt we'll need them again!
Ed A.
Had Don come out for a plumbing problem this morning and he couldn't have been more professional or nicer. I'll be calling back for any plumbing needs I may have.
Marc B.
Within 24 hours of me calling they were at the house assessing and fixing the problem. Frank called to let me know the technician would be on his way within an hour and the technician also called when he was on his way. Very friendly, courteous staff.
Courtney K.
I can't say enough about my experience with Kellermeier. It seems difficult these days to find a company that doesn't have at least one drawback to their business but I honestly have not a single complaint. From first call to farewell handshake, my interactions with Cindy and Don at Kellermeier were a pleasure!
Todd W.
I discovered water in my basement and that it was coming from my water heater. I called Kellermeier. Ken came out right away to see what was going on. I had a leak in the water heater and it needed to be replaced. Mike soon joined Ken and they had the old water heater out and a new one replaced within a couple of hours. They even cleaned up after themselves! I was grateful to have the problem fixed so quickly. They were kind, knowledgable and professional. Ken even fixed a running toilet while he was there. They will be coming back to do more work for me in the future.
Melodie D.