Just as you would want to insulate your roof or your walls, water heater insulation can help increase your home’s efficiency and save you money on your monthly bills. Newer water tanks are likely already insulated, but older tanks can enjoy a bit of insulation.

The simplest method to find out if your water heater should be insulated is by a touch test. Touch your water tank, and if it is warm to the touch, then it needs to be insulated. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, insulating your water tank can reduce heat loss by 25-45 percent, and save you about 7-16 percent in water heating costs.

To insulate your water heater, you will need an insulating blanket, scissors, a marker, a tape measure, electrical or other tape, and a helping hand. This project requires safety foremost, so before you do anything else, turn off the water heater. 

You will want to measure the height of your water tank so you know how much of the blanket you need to cut. Keep the top of the water heater exposed, that way, you do not block the vent on top of the gas unit.

Grab the insulating blanket and wrap it around the water heater, then tape it in place for the moment. From this position, you can find where the access panels are on the side of the tank. Mark those positions and cut out the gaps so you can still access those panels. Leave enough room around the valve and the burner areas, making the opening about an inch wider than what it needs.

With the right measurements and lengths cut out, you can now align and install your insulating blanket, and tape it permanently in place. Finally, turn your water heater back on. With the insulation, it may not be necessary for you to return the thermostat to a higher temperature.

After a quick and inexpensive project of insulating your water heater will show its benefits quickly, when your notice the efficiency of your unit increase and your monthly bill payments decrease. 

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