Moving into a new house or apartment can be an exciting time until you discover a problem with the plumbing. You hope that everything will already be in great condition, but sooner than expected, something goes wrong, and it’s likely something that could have been prevented. Noticing bad plumbing jobs quickly can help you solve the problem before it arises.

Turning a faucet and having it jiggle is more than a nuisance. If this happens with your faucet, showerhead or drain, it could be a sign that the pipes are not properly mounted in the walls. All plumbing fixtures need to be solidly in place, and if they move as you open or close a valve, that can develop into a larger issue.

An excess amount of caulk does not mean extra protection from leaks. Instead, too much caulk could be a sign that the worker was trying to hide a problem rather than do it the right way. Caulk can and will mold, and you will soon spot a black mold ring around your bathroom fixtures.

Spotting a dark spot in the bottom of a cabinet is not just a shadow, but could show that there is a leak. A leaking drain, no matter how small, will lead to water damage, which then leads to expensive repairs. In addition, if you notice a dark streak on the outside of the house below a faucet, that also shows a leak.

Cheap fixtures are also not built to last. The previous owners or plumbers may have taken the easy way out by buying the least expensive option right off the shelf. This could mean that they were in a rush to get the job done, and a rush job also means that other things would have been overlooked. 

There are many red flags with a shotty plumbing job, and your home deserves better than that. You can sometimes spot when a bad plumbing job has been done, but sometimes that work is done between the walls and harder to notice. In any situation, you can bring in a professional plumber to help inspect your system and point out any potential problems.

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