Smaller homes, older apartments, or rural properties can all provide the living space that suits you the best. Yet, there is a possibility that it lacks what millions of Americans deem necessary: a dishwasher. Whether your home is missing that appliance, or if you have a broken dishwasher, you can still survive without one.

Many homes already get by just fine without the use of a dishwasher, so it should not be a problem for you. In fact, dishwashers are among the least-used appliances in American homes, according to the US Energy Information Administration. Of the 80 million households that have a dishwasher, nearly 20 percent do not use their dishwasher at all. In fact, a little more than half of all US homes both have a dishwasher and will use it once a week.

These homes make it possible with a few smart tricks that can help make life easier without a dishwasher. Foremost, the need for a dishwasher is reduced if you can minimize the amount of dirty dishes you create. For instance, use the same cup or water bottle throughout the day instead of grabbing a new one with each drink. If you enjoy baking, you can measure dry ingredients first, and then reuse the measuring cups for wet ingredients.

Cleaning the dishes won’t seem like a daunting task if you can make that a priority. Instead of letting bowls and plates pile up in the sink, start washing your dishes once you are done with your meal. It will make it easier for you and your family to relax afterwards, plus it will stop any remaining food from crusting, which will make it harder to do the dishes in the long run.

Hand drying dishes can be time consuming, and also a pain in the neck. Give yourself a break and invest in a drying rack, and let your dishes dry on their own. It shouldn’t take up too much space right next to your sink, and will let the water drip right back into the sink. Hanging racks are great for larger pots and pans, too.

Now that you are focused on cleaning your dishes in the sink, you should be mindful of your drain. Protect your drain with a drain catcher or strainer, which will stop food waste or large debris from getting down there. Also, never drain grease or oils down your drain, as they can build up over time and create tough blockages.

Taking care of your dishes in the sink should then cause you to take better care of your sink. Make it a good habit to clean and sanitize your sink regularly, especially now that you are using it more. If one reason you are hand washing your dishes is because your dishwasher is out of commission, then you would not want you sink to back up from a clog.

Broken dishwasher? No problem. However, if you are finding it tough to live without one due to much-needed repairs, call the professionals at Kellermeier Plumbing at 616-866-5134. Trust us to install or fix your dishwasher, or to help with any plumbing needs in your home.