March always means the start of spring weather in West Michigan. Warmer-than-average temperatures in West Michigan bring about rainy conditions that can stress your home’s plumbing and drainage systems. As they say, in like a lion out like a lamb, and this year, it’s arrival is early!

Warmer temps also motivate us to open windows and begin our spring cleaning. As you do, take a few minutes to make a quick spring inspection of your pipes and plumbing. Identifying issues that have popped up during the winter will allow them to be fixed before they become plumbing problems.

In addition to checking all faucets, toilets, and visible pipes for drips and leaks make sure you also check these often-overlooked plumbing fixtures.


  • Check drains for foul smells. A properly functioning drain shouldn’t release any odor. All drains should have a screen or straining cover to prevent entry of food, hair, and other debris which can clog pipes and smell bad. Making sure that you run water into drains that sit unused will fill their traps and also help prevent nasty odors in the home.
  • Check your sump pump. While spring showers may bring May flowers, if your sump pump is not operating correctly, they can also cause unpleasant water issues in your basement. You can test your sump pump to see if it’s working properly by pouring a bucket of water in the pit.
  • Be sure the sump pump’s discharge line is draining away from the house and is clear of leaves or other debris.


  • With the snow and ice finally gone, check pipes and fixtures for problems or damage such as cracks, broken connections, or other issues caused by winter’s freezing temperatures.
  • Make sure yard drains, downspouts, and gutters are open and free of debris. Confirm water can flow freely during spring rains.
  • Watch for birds building nests in gutters, downspouts, and plumbing vent pipes.
  • Check outdoor faucets. Spraying, dripping, or leaking inside the home the first time the valve is turned on, could indicate a pipe has frozen, cracked, and needs attention.
  • Spending just a little bit of time inspecting and maintaining your pipes and plumbing can help make sure your home is spring-worthy and summer ready.

For help completing these tasks or answers to your plumbing questions, call the experts at Kellermeier Plumbing. Serving West Michigan since 1996, Kellermeier Plumbing stands for quality, reliability, and honesty.