You’ve spent many hours this summer tending to your lawn and garden, making sure each has been adequately watered and refreshed so that your grass stays green and that your harvest is bountiful. Is that all that is being watered? Well, if you have a leaking garden hose, then some of that water may be entering into your house and causing damage.

With a welcome amount of luck, that leaky hose could need a quick fix as simple as tightening the connection with the faucet. Unfortunately, if that does not solve the problem, then things might get worse. You must first identify where the leak is coming from, which could either be at the faucet, the hose, or in the connection.

If the faucet is at fault for the leak, then the most likely cause is due to the packing nut. In this case, you need to loosen the packing nut and wrap about 8 inches of Teflon tape around the stem to help seal it, creating a more secure connection for when you re-tighten the nut.

The least worrisome leak is when it comes from the hose. Of course, you could quickly run out to the store and purchase a new hose, but if it is just a crack or pinhole you can mend those issues yourself. There are also hose mending kits available that will allow you to keep your existing hose.

When the leak is coming from the hose connector, your first fix would be in changing the gasket. Replacing the worn-out gasket with an o-ring will give you a better seal and help prevent further leakage. However, if that does not fix your leak, you may need to cut off the current end of your hose and replace it, and then attach a hose fitting repair kit to the connection.

Once you can find the source of your leaky hose, a quick and inexpensive fix is possible. However, if things worsen, you should not hesitate to call 616-866-5134 and speak with the experts at Kellermeier Plumbing. In addition to installation and repair, we also offer 24-hour emergency service.