Your house is busy, which means so is your plumbing. Showers in the morning, laundry in the afternoon, and dishes at night. With all that water running, you need to make sure that your pipes can handle the non-stop moving water. Although you cannot make your pipes last forever, it is possible to make your pipes last longer by limiting plumbing leaks.

The common issues that you hear about problems with your pipes are plumbing leaks, or worse, bursts. There is no guarantee that that will never happen to the pipes in your home, but there are some things you can do that will decrease the probability.

First, check on your water pressure to make sure it is at an appropriate level. High water pressure will wear out pipes and connections faster, so keep your home’s pressure below 85 PSI to ensure safety. You can also install a water pressure gauge, which will allow you to monitor your water pressure if you are ever concerned.

When a pipe is leaking, take care of it as soon as possible. Just because a leak looks small doesn’t mean it can’t have to potential to grow. Constant drips will still wear away at the connections in your plumbing over time, and all those tiny drips add up too much, much more.

You should also take slow drains seriously. Slow drains can indicate that there is a blockage somewhere in the pipe system, and blockages can lead to increased pressure. Try plunging or snaking the drain right away, otherwise, the problem will get worse.

A blockage in your kitchen sink is one thing, but a backed-up toilet can be disastrous. Many times when there is an issue with the toilet, it is because people are flushing things that they are not supposed to. When you flush something that you shouldn’t, you risk pieces breaking off in your pipes and having that debris collect to form a clog. Those clogs create chokepoints, which creates more pressure. And ultimately, that pressure causes your pipes to burst.

Monitoring your home’s pipes won’t just help them last longer, but it can also give you peace of mind. The worst plumbing problem is the one not seen, so stay diligent to keep all of that water in your pipes. If you have any concern about the status of your home’s plumbing, call Kellermeier Plumbing at 616-866-5134.

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