When things go wrong with your home’s plumbing, you will probably think of the common signs, like leaks, drain clogs, or old pipes. There is another sign that you might catch that could signal more water woes, and that is pest activity.

Pests and plumbing problems negatively affect your house twice as quickly. While either can lead to the other, it is more likely that an issue with your plumbing can lead to an issue with pests or rodents finding a space to inhabit.

Critters are always looking for a safe source of water, and if your pipes or drains are leaking, then something small will find it and drink it. You need to find those spots before they do and address the small leak before it becomes a major problem.

It really does not matter how much water is dripping out from a leak. Unwanted pests will locate the source and use it as much as possible. So those leaks under your kitchen and bathroom sinks are prime examples of a spot where you might find those pests. Eliminate the leak, eliminate the pest.

Your plumbing runs all throughout your house, but it needs to enter somewhere. Same with insects, they just need a crack or gap of the tiniest size to get inside. Inspect the seals on your pipes where they enter the house and close them off or create some barrier that prevents them from getting in.

Now that it is summer, you will have your air conditioning running. If that AC unit is not running in tip-top shape, it might be leaking. Any amount of water can bring mosquitoes, who need only an inch of standing water to lay their eggs.

Not all pests leave a visible sign that they are around. However, if you spot one around your house, there may be more in your house. If you are concerned about an infestation, call a professional pest control company as soon as possible.

If you suspect that a plumbing problem could attract those pests, then that situation needs to be taken care of quickly. For more information on protecting your plumbing from pests, contact Kellermeier Plumbing today at 616-866-5134. At Kellermeier Plumbing, we pride ourselves on being honest and upfront with our customers and strive to provide our clients with the highest level of service.