-28° to 48° in 5 Days!

Temperatures are supposed to swing nearly 70 degrees this weekend. Because of the huge temperature swing, we are going to have a lot of rapidly melting snow! Follow Kellermeier’s tips below to help protect your home as much as possible.

1. Grab your shovel. Make sure to clear snow away from downspouts, basement window wells, low-lying doorways and around your foundation.

2. If your roof is accessible with a roof rake from the ground, remove any snow build-up at the eaves. Ice dams will keep from forming which will prevent the water from backing in through your shingles.

3. If you have a sump pump ensure that it’s working correctly and drains leading to the sump are clear.

4. If you live in an area with storm drains to try to make sure the drains are cleared of debris so that the water can flow.

5. Clear a path through the snow for the water to drain through. Water will find the path of least resistance. Providing an easy route for the melting snow for running away from your home will help keep the water out.