During wet and rainy seasons, homeowners are incredibly thankful for their sump pumps. The sump pump is your warrior that prevents your basement from flooding. But what if something happens to your sump pump in the offseason, and the winter thaw or spring rain brings moisture into your home? Prevent a frozen sump pump this winter and help protect your home.

Warm air rises and cold air sinks, so your basement is likely to be one of the cooler rooms in your house. As such, you should keep the thermostat on and provide enough heat to the basement. Just like the pipes in your home’s plumbing, the sump pump is susceptible to freezing in a cooler, damp area that is your basement. With enough warm air, the discharge hose on the sump pump will not freeze.

The intake section and discharge line should be insulated, also just like your pipes. If these areas become frozen, the sump pump will not function properly and can flood your basement. It’s possible to bury the discharge hose in the ground to help prevent it from freezing, but the parts of the hose above ground will need additional insulation.

Using a larger discharge hose can also prevent freezing. Freezing water inside pipes will expand, and if that discharge pipe is too small, then it is likely that any water inside will freeze and prevent water from flowing. A bigger discharge hose allows water to pass through freely, and sometimes water freezes not only because it is cold, but because water is not moving.

The American Society of Home Inspectors says that roughly 60 percent of homeowners have experienced or will experience a wet basement, so regularly check in on your sump pump throughout the winter and test that it is working correctly. You can use portable heaters to try and thaw a frozen sump pump. Otherwise, you will need to call a professional.

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