At first sight, you may think that a dripping faucet is no big deal. Hey, it’s only a couple drips, right? Wrong. Those drips add up, which will definitely show up on your monthly water bill. Spotting a dripping faucet is the first step in fixing it, as long as you know what the reasons might be. 

The Environmental Protection Agency says that If you faucet drips at a rate of once per second, that could total up to nearly 3,000 gallons in one year. That is roughly the same amount of water used if you were to take a shower every other day. In fact, that single dripping faucet can even total one-tenth of your water bill.

One reason your faucet may be constantly dripping is because of a broken O-ring. The O-ring is a small disc that holds the handle in place, and it can loosen or wear out. Fortunately, replacing the O-ring is a simple and inexpensive solution.

Another small component of your faucet is the washer,  which is pressed against the valve seat every time you turn on the water. Again, usage over time and friction will wear out the washer, and replacing the washer should be a quick fix. The washer can even be at fault if it’s not broken. Instead, the washer may have been installed incorrectly, or the wrong sized washer was used.

Many of those small parts within the sink can cause leaks, and a loose packing nut can also be the culprit. These nuts are on the stream screw, and as these loosen over time they will cause a leak in the handle. Tightening the nut should fix it, if not you should try to replace it.

However, if you’ve looked at every small piece of your faucet and still can’t figure out why it’s leaking, it may not have to do with the parts at all. Your home’s water pressure may cause the leak, especially if the faucet leaks only at certain times of the day, or if you move the handles a certain way. In those instances, it will not hurt to call a plumber to help discover the issue and resolve the problem. 

In most circumstances, you can find the cause for a dripping faucet yourself, and then can quickly fix it after a quick stop at the hardware store. But sometimes those drips can be a mystery. For more information on fixing a dripping faucet in your home, call Kellermeier Plumbing at 616-866-5134. At Kellermeier Plumbing, we pride ourselves on being honest and upfront with our customers and strive to provide our clients with the highest level of service.