Your home goes through a lot before you start noticing the wear and tear in places. Maybe the floors are cracking, the paint is chipping, or the pipes are leaking. Remodeling is definitely in your future, but don’t rush into it. Hiring a professional to conduct remodeling home inspections before, and after, your project will help protect the investment of your upgrades.

Even though you can peek inside the walls and see wiring, pipes, and support beams, a professional home inspector has years of experience and will notice the tiniest details. They will be able to to see what impact your remodel might have on other parts of the house and if it requires any additional work.

If your remodeling has you focused on the kitchen or the bathroom, then the plumbing will play a large part. Any old systems should be upgraded to support the new work, which will reassure you that any plumbing issues are far less likely. Changing the layout of the house is a giant undertaking, and an inspector can determine if a wall is load bearing, or if you need to redirect the plumbing.

During your remodel, it is also wise to have a home inspector check in on the work, ensuring that everything is up to code. If at any point the work fails the inspection process, then you or the contractor must redo the work. Waiting for a home inspector to check each stage of the process will take time, but you can schedule regular inspections during the work to keep your timetable on track.

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