Without a steady rainfall, your lawn will suffer in the summer heat. To keep your grass green, you rely on a sprinkler system to cover every inch, promoting good growth. The question is, are your sprinklers are using too much water, or not enough? 

With not enough water, most homeowners will erroneously shift over to using too much water. Luckily, the sprinkler systems of today are smarter and more efficient, so you can be sure that the right amount of water is being used, and you won’t be adding extra dollars to your water bill.

Your sprinklers’ controls should allow you to adjust the timing of your sprinklers and the amount of water it uses. This is the easiest fix. Spending a few minutes with the controls can make a difference. However, if you have already adjusted the controls, but still suspect your sprinklers are using too much water, it is time to investigate some common problem areas. 

Checking for a potential leak will require you to check your water meter box. When water is running, the meter will be spinning. Head inside and turn off all the faucets in your home, then turn off all the faucets outside. If that meter still spins, you may have a leak in the system.

You should also inspect your irrigation system by manually running each zone. If a sprinkler head does not pop up, it might be underground, or possibly a leak is causing lower water pressure. Spotting a leak in the yard is difficult. It may appear as a puddle of water in the lawn, or as runoff on driveways or sidewalks.

You could salvage the system that you already have. With older sprinkler systems, the heads can become less efficient over time, or even damaged. Replacing sprinkler heads is affordable, and if you double that with a decrease in water used, your fix can pay for itself in a few short years.

Sometimes these problems can be harder to spot, and you will need the help of a professional. For more information on a more efficient sprinkler system, or installing a new system, contact Kellermeier Plumbing today at 616-866-5134. At Kellermeier Plumbing, we pride ourselves on being honest and upfront with our customers and strive to provide our clients with the highest level of service.