Don’t let your dinner turn into a disaster! Here is a list of Garbage Disposal Dos and Don’ts to follow this time of the year.

  • Do use cold water when running your disposal.
  • Do add a few drops of dish soap to your disposal each time it runs.
  • Do run your disposal on a regular basis to avoid rust.
  • Do add hard items like lemon/orange peels or ice from time to time to keep your disposal clear of build up.
  • Don’t add tea leaves, which tend to clog at the S-bend.
  • Don’t add items that swell, such as flour, rice, or gelatinous foods.
  • Don’t add any fibrous items like onions, celery or corn husks.
  • Don’t add potatoes or potato skins, which swell cause clogging.
  • Don’t add any fats, oils or any kind of grease.

If the worst happens and you do clog your drains please do NOT use chemical drain cleaners as these can cause damage to your plumbing.

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