We are now at that time when having a warm shower to wake up to is not just a luxury, but a necessity. It’s essential for a happy and healthy family to make sure your water heater is working correctly and holding up throughout the colder months. It’s time to learn the common water heater problems.

The first issue that a water heater may not be working is that your water isn’t hot. This could be because all the hot water in the tank has been used, and it will take time to recover the hot water after a shower, bath or washing cycle. If this frequently happens in your home, then you may either consider a larger tank or a tankless water heater.

You may also need to raise the thermostat on your water heater for the colder months, and Energy.gov suggests that you will want your water heated to 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Also, check that the pilot light is still lit, and check the owner’s handbook on instructions on how to find and relight your unit’s pilot light.

If you hear your water heater rumbling or making other sounds, it could be from many different issues. Sediment and other mineral deposits may have gathered on the bottom of your tank, and create rumbling sounds when heated. This issue is worse in homes that have hard water.

An old water heater can make sounds just because of its age and not sediment or mineral deposits. Water heaters at least 10 years old can make rumbling sounds and is a good sign that you should call a professional before leaks occur.

And speaking of leaks, if you notice pooling water around your tank, that is a clear sign that you will need a replacement. More often than not, corrosion is to blame for leaks, but poor plumbing could also be the problem. Fixing it may be simple, like tightening or replacing pipes.

Just like any necessary home repair, you should not ignore a leak or other issue with your water heater. Inspect your water heater once a year by a professional to be sure it is running as efficiently as possible.

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