There are many reasons you may need to shop for a new toilet, but fewer reasons you need to rush into it. Not all toilets are the same, and buying a new toilet means doing research into what fits your preferences. 

Before settling on the look and feel of your toilet, figure out the type of toilet that you want in your bathroom. Most toilets fit into one of two different styles: the gravity-feed toilets and the pressure-assisted toilets. The gravity-feed toilets are probably the ones that you are most familiar with, but you should still consider the alternative.

Gravity-feed toilets rely on gravity to flush waste, just as the name implies. Water drops from the tank into the bowl and then moves the waste down through the drain. They have been trusted for decades to get the job done, but settling for a lower-priced model may mean struggles to flush waste properly.

As for pressure-assisted toilets, the water in the tank compresses air and creates pressure that will force waste down the line. It provides a much stronger flush than typical gravity-feed toilets, making them a good choice for large families that likely use the toilet more often. They are less likely to clog, but the pressure of the flush is much noisier than other toilets. 

Once you pick out the type you think is best for your home, you can start looking at the features that you want your toilet to have. For instance, flapperless models can keep leaks to a minimum by not sacrificing any flushing power. 

Efficiency will play a large role in how much water you use per flush. The Environmental Protection Agency says that the federal standard is 1.6 gallons per flush, but advancements have allowed toilets to use 1.28 gallons per flush or less while still providing great performance. Some toilets even have dual-flush capabilities, allowing you to select a partial flush for liquid waste, or a full flush for solid waste. 

Cosmetically, you have many more options to choose from. Standard toilets are 15 inches high, but you can find some models that are taller, going either 17 or even 19 inches high. It may be harder for children or shorter people to use, but taller people, and even those with certain disabilities, will find a taller toilet easier to use.

Comfort is probably the most important feature, and finding the right toilet seat could be a bigger decision than finding the right toilet. Some toilet seats can be cushioned, and others may allow for a slower close so they do not slam down. In fact, there are some toilet seats that can have bidet attachments.

No matter what the reason is for needing a new toilet, use the opportunity to find one that fits you, your family, and your home the best. For more information on shopping for a new toilet, and on how to install a new toilet, call Kellermeier Plumbing at 616-866-5134. At Kellermeier Plumbing, we pride ourselves on being honest and upfront with our customers and strive to provide our clients with the highest level of service.