As we enter a new year, looking ahead, budgeting, and planning the year’s projects are time-consuming winter activities, especially when you want to accomplish a big project – like planning a kitchen remodel.

Starting with a Plan Saves Time & Money

Did we mention that planning a kitchen remodel is a big project? And big projects can be expensive – more on budgeting in a minute. Keep in mind that the better the setup, the easier the big project will be. And taking the time planning a kitchen remodel can save you significant time and money.

The first step in planning is to decide what you want your ideal kitchen to look like. Listing ideas and finding photos of your dream kitchen will help get the creative process going. Do you want to remove walls? Add a peninsula or island? Create more storage?

Once you have a clear idea in your head, it’s time to make a to-scale drawing of your plan. – Drawing ‘to scale’ means showing object measurements accurately but with sizes reduced. For example: if your scale is 1 inch = 1 foot, a 36-inch stove would be 3 inches wide on your drawing because 36 inches = 3 feet. – When creating your drawing, it’s important to show where existing doors, windows, electrical outlets, heating registers, and plumbing lines are located. If rulers and graph paper are not your thing, you can use 3-D kitchen design software, or work with a professional designer.

Professional Designers Can Also Save Time & Money

While a lot of budget DIYers prefer not to hire professionals, an experienced designer can save you time and money. After all, working with a designer allows you to take advantage of their experience and industry knowledge. For instance, they know:

  • What the best layouts are for busy kitchens
  • Which styles and designs are trending
  • How to maximize storage
  • When the cost of a high-end product makes sense
  • Which budget materials are smart substitutes
  • Where the best appliance prices are
  • What permits you will need
  • Who the best building contractors are in your area
  • Whether or not you need new electrical wiring
  • Why a licensed plumber is important

Call Kellermeier Plumbing for Help with Your Planning

As your plan for a dream kitchen comes together, so will your budget. Big changes will require a bigger budget. But even small changes can create a whole new look and functionality in your existing kitchen. Kellermeier Plumbing is happy to help you plan! From concept to completion, our experienced craftsmen will help you plan and design a new kitchen at a budget you can afford.

The kitchen is the heart of the home – Keep this in mind as you’re planning, and you’ll end up with a smart-looking, functional workspace that is a source of comfort, efficiency, and great food!