If you are one of those many homeowners that like to fly south for the winter, then you have probably felt that unease of leaving home vulnerable to the near-arctic elements. You can check and double-check to make sure everything is in place for your vacation or migration, but you will still feel as if you have forgotten something. Regardless of your destination or length of stay, Kellermeier Plumbing can help to winterize a home during the cold months.

Early steps may be things that you already do, like adjusting the thermostat while you are away. Obviously it doesn’t need to be at a warm, livable temperature, but in an appropriate range that will prevent your pipes from freezing, such as between 50-55 degrees Fahrenheit.

You should also turn off your gas line and the main water valve. Yes, keeping your thermostat set at the right temperature will help prevent frozen pipes, but you will also want to prevent any pressure buildup from any water that remains in your pipes, which can help prevent your pipes from not just freezing, but also bursting.

Check the sump pump and make sure it functions as it should. Returning home to find out that your basement has flooded is nowhere near how you want to come back from your trip.

Let nothing outside make its way in. Do this by closing the damper or flue on your fireplace, and clean out your gutters. With clogged gutters, water cannot properly flow away from your house, and instead will find the quickest and easiest way to infiltrate your home.

Some problems can arise by human error or forgetfulness. Do not leave any perishable items in your refrigerator or kitchen and be sure that non-perishable foods are in air-tight containers. If you are not keeping any food in your fridge or freezer, then wipe it down, unplug it, and leave the door open. 

Other major appliances should also be unplugged. In fact, any appliance or electronic device that is not needed should be unplugged. This will save you money and energy, and will also protect your house from an appliance shorting out and causing a fire.

Following these steps before heading away for the winter won’t just make your house safer and more secure, but will leave you with peace of mind. To learn more about winterizing a home, or for any help in doing so, call Keller Plumbing at 616-866-5134.

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